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working on a choli and salwar for a swap
I must be out of my mind. I decided to make a choli, salwar and silk sari for a JID for a swap. The choli came together easier than I thought -4 darts, but it fits beautifully on the first prototype. I make pants for dolls all the time so I didn't bother with a prototype for the salwar. I didn't plan for the calves and thighs of an Iplehouse doll. She has these ittybitty feet and then wham dancer calves-the first pair of pants are being redone for my tiny Shriara (pictured in my icon). So I redrew my pattern and the second pair fit!!!!!!

salwar for swap with prototype choli The salwar are not quite as full as they should be, but they look pretty traditional. The links below give you an idea of what I am making.

choli I am particularly pleased with how well the prototype fits.  I need to put the choli that matches the salwar together and hem the silk for the sari and the outfit will be ready. I may send hoop earrings along with it, but I don't know if her doll's ears are pierced.

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They turned out really nice. I like the flare at hip/thigh and how it tapers nicely. And you did this without a pattern? Go you.

I made a paper pattern first. I hate to get something right and not know what I did.

*laughs* I meant there wasn't a pattern you got from somewhere to make it.

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